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The Case for Effective Negotiation Skills

It was in 1716 that French diplomat, Francois de Callieres wrote the worlds’ first book on negotiation, On the manners of negotiating with princes. It was in this book that he famously observed that the fate of the greatest states depends almost entirely on the good or bad conduct of their negotiators. It appears that his comments have stood the test of time, for even in today’s increasingly competitive global economy, the fate of an organization depends largely on the skill and conduct of its negotiators. Untrained or poorly trained negotiators are very costly to themselves and to their organizations. A recent study found that 83 percent of mergers failed to unlock value. In another study, 250 global executives involved in deal making admitted that there were breakdowns in their due-diligence processes and important issues were not detected. Indeed, successful organizations and deal makers have long recognized that negotiation is a required core competency.

The Center for Negotiation offers pragmatic and interactive negotiation workshops and consulting services that are based on:
(1) Dr. Michael Benoliel’s research on the best negotiation practices of world class master negotiators which was published in his two book:
Done Deal and The Upper Hand; and
(2) Sophisticated negotiation exercises developed by the Harvard Business School, Harvard Program on Negotiation, and Kellogg School of Management

Negotiation Workshops
• Basic Negotiation Strategies
• Advanced Negotiation Strategies
• Negotiation and Conflict Management
• Effective Buying and Selling Negotiation Skills

Consulting Services
• Strategic Preparation and Planning for Negotiation
• Developing Organizational Negotiation Capabilities
• Personal Coaching for Negotiators

For detailed information contact:
Email: mbenoliel@centerfornegotiation.com or mbenoliel@aol.com

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