“I have had the good fortune to work with Dr. Michael Benoliel on a couple of occasions, once as a participant in one of his Advanced Negotiation workshop and once in consulting around a particular negotiation project. I found Professor Benoliel to be a skilled consultant and clearly an expert in his field. Both through the clarity of his teaching methodology and the clarity of his messaging, he has added great value to me personally and to the business.
Gavin Kramer, Managing Director, International Shipcare Pte Ltd.

"Dr. Benoliel was OUTSTANDING. His insights and techniques are practical and applicable immediately to any situation, in any industry. I highly recommend him."
Susan Thomas, Vice President Programs, Project Management Institute.

"Dr. Michael Benoliel has been delivering successfully negotiation workshops for energy major BP over the past three years. His experiential workshops are engaging, dynamic, and very practical. He uses sophisticated simulations and gets excellent feedback from our staff - managers and traders, operators and anyone whose job requires negotiation of a deal or contracts. I strongly recommend his negotiation program. The amount of enthusiasm and excitement generated out of the hands-on experience is often the hot topics of discussion after the course among my staff. "
Kate Yu Juan, Training Manager, Learning & Development, IST Global Oil - Eastern Hemisphere, BP Singapore Pte Limited.

At BATA, we used the training services of Dr. Michael Benoliel for the first time in 2010. The workshop was so successful that we decided to double our commitment and run two workshops on Advanced Negotiation Strategies in 2011. Michael's dynamic workshops are highly interactive, full of solid content, and most practical. He blends nicely current theories with application -- how too. In his focus on practicality and negotiation skills building he uses high quality negotiation simulations. I do recommend his negotiation workshops.
Serena Di Sarra, Regional Development Manager, Global Footwear Services, a BATA company.

"I liked the high level of interaction that Professor Benoliel incorporated into the two-day workshop, as well as learning through activities and exercises, and sharing experiences with the rest of the participants"
Marketing Manager, Ciba Vision

"The hands-on practice was up to my expectations. This is the reason why I chose this workshop over other similar negotiation workshops"
Product Manager, Ciba Vision

"I want to thank and congratulate you for the OUTSTANDING Advanced Negotiation Strategies workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We appreciate and value your deep commitment and passion in delivering a great workshop.
Estee Lim, Director, ETELS Training Networks.

"The Advanced Negotiation Strategies workshop lead by Dr. Benoliel was very informative and the best negotiation workshop I attended so far."
Addie Narazlie, Area Manager, Petronas Polyethylene.

"Dr. Benoliel is a very experienced speaker in Advanced Negotiation. The whole training went smoothly and served the stated purpose."
Tang Lee Chen, Purchasing Specialist, Halliburton.

"Dr. Benoliel is one of the best instructors I have had the pleasure to oversee. As a master professor, he is dynamic, a skilled group leader, and a superb discussion facilitator. Not only is his delivery and mastery of the material excellent, he also has sensitivity to the needs and interests of adult students."
Cathy Trower, Senior Director, Johns Hopkins University.

I wish to share with you that I applied successfully the techniques you taught in the negotiation workshop: The power of anchoring in making offers and Due Diligence. No need for hard negotiations, very easily done!!
An e-mail from a participant in the workshop. Executive in the energy industry.

"Dr. Benoliel’s presentation and approach to negotiating masterfully is very useful and important to practice. I have learned greatly in this workshop and benefited from his workshop.”
Norita Muhamed, Procurement and Development Manager, British American Tobacco.

"Dr. Benoliel’s presentation is clear and precise. He uses good references and gives examples for each negotiation topic discussed."
Khalida Asri, Senior Procurement Executive, Petronas Mitco Japan.










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